Chinese-built, Mozambican-bound fishing vessels given names

Names have been given to five Chinese vessels built to fish Mozambican waters, the eWorldShip website reported on Wednesday.

The Chinese website says the fishing vessels were built in Shanghai by China Shipping Industry Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of Chinese state-owned COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Co. Ltd, and delivered to the owner, Guangdong Xiesheng Overseas Fisheries Co. Ltd, last week.

The report says representatives of Chinese-owned Mozambique Hot International Group and the Guangdong Aquatic Products Chamber of Commerce attended the naming ceremony.

Guangdong Xiesheng has invested 88 million yuan (about US$12.7 million) in building a quay for landing fish in Mozambique, which is 300 metres long, and in a plant nearby for processing frozen fish, which has 40,000 square metres of floor space, the eWorldShip website says.