China currently accounts for 60% of Vale’s production consumption

Brazilian mining company Vale hopes to continually deepen its relationship with China in the areas of sustainable mining and low-carbon iron ore solutions. Since 2006, the country has been the main market for the mining company’s iron ore and currently accounts for the consumption of 60% of the company’s production, said the company, which held the “50 years of partnership with China” event in Shanghai on the 4th of August.

At the event, Eduardo Bartolomeo, Vale’s CEO, highlighted the long-term commitment and partnerships over these 50 years, as well as emphasizing that it will join China in tackling climate change.

“We hope that with our world-class mineral portfolio and low-carbon iron ore solutions, Vale can continue to support its steel customers in their decarbonization journey, thus helping China achieve its climate change goals,” he said.

(Source: Monitor do mercado)