China-Brazil Concert: 210 Years of Immigration was successfully held

To celebrate 210 years of Chinese immigration to Brazil, a China-Brazil concert was held on the 30th of October at the Municipal Theater of São Paulo, Brazil, organized by the Experimental Repertoire Orchestra in conjunction with the Asian Cultural Center in São Paulo. Ten Chinese singers and musicians performed four programs with traditional instruments, as well as collaborated with the local orchestra.

According to the President of the Asian Cultural Center in São Paulo, Fang Sanjing, music is the language of the world without borders. With this concert, he hoped that more Brazilians would be willing to get to know China and that music could contribute to the writing of the new chapter of the China-Brazil friendship.

This concert is another fruit of the combination of Chinese and Western cultures, after the concert to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Brazil, organized by the Asian Cultural Center in São Paulo in 2019 in Campinas.