Business group making plans for coffee museum in Macao

The Lusophone Markets Business Association intends to establish a museum of coffee in Macao, to entice mainland Chinese to adopt the coffee-drinking habit of Macao people, the Macau News Agency (MNA) reports.

MNA quotes the chairman of the association, Eduardo Ambrósio, as saying coffee produced in Timor-Leste, Brazil and São Tomé e Príncipe is being exhibited at the 2020 Portuguese Speaking Countries Products and Services Exhibition (Macao).

Mr Ambrósio said that despite Covid-19, exports to mainland China of coffee from lusophone countries had been 25 percent greater so far this year than in the equivalent period last year, but the report gives no volume or value.

Official data indicate that the value of all mainland Chinese imports from the Portuguese-speaking world was US$64.5 billion in the first half of this year, 7.9 percent less than a year earlier, the report says.

But Mr Ambrósio is confident that imports will recover next year, MNA says.