Brazilian rice seeks to open up the Chinese market

Rice exports totaled 103,755 tonnes in February, with revenues of US$30.5 million. The numbers were released on the 10th of March by the Brazilian Rice Industry Association (Abiarroz), which works to include China among the destinations of the national product. The results were below those achieved in the same month of 2022, when the exported volume was 129 thousand tons, representing US$ 37.9 million.

Purchases of processed grain were led by the USA, Cape Verde, Peru, Bolivia, Canada, Gambia, Panama, Bahamas, Venezuela and Angola.

One of Abiarroz’s priorities in 2023 is opening new markets, mainly China. “The Chinese market is extremely important for rice, as it is the world’s largest producer and consumer of the product”, says the export manager at Abiarroz, Carolina Matos. “Brazilian rice is already present in more than 100 markets and can support the supply of the product in the Asian region”, points out Carolina.

(Source: Agrolink)