2Africa Project has already arrived in northern Mozambique

Telecommunications operator Vodacom refers that ‘2Africa’, considered the largest submarine telecommunications cable system in the world, arrived on August 15 in the city of Nacala, Nampula province, connecting the optical fiber to the new ‘data center, which was also opened locally by Master Power Technologies, a partner in the project, which will connect 33 countries, 19 of which are in Africa.

The submarine cable ‘2Africa’ connects Europe (with connections in Portugal and the United Kingdom), Africa (Senegal, Ghana, Angola, South Africa, Mozambique, Somalia, Egypt, among others) and Asia (Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India, among others), for a total of 46 points and returns to the European continent through Italy and France.

It is expected to serve 3,000 million people when it is fully operational in 2024, over a total length of 45,000 kilometers and a bandwidth of 115 terabytes.

The “2Africa” consortium includes eight international partners, such as China Mobile International, Meta, Bayobab, Orange Telecom Egypt, Vodafone Group (parent company of Vodacom) and WIOCC.

(Source: Notícias ao Minuto)