Bahia deputy and Chinese consul discuss actions to strengthen cooperation

In a meeting held on the 12th of December at the Legislative Assembly of Bahia (Alba), the state deputy Angelo Almeida received the Consul General of China in Rio de Janeiro, Tian Min, to discuss actions aimed at strengthening Bahia-China cooperation.

Among the proposals discussed is the creation of the Bahia-China Parliamentary Front, at Alba. The initiative aims to strengthen relations and encourage parliamentary participation in strengthening ties with the country, which is Bahia’s main trading partner and second-largest import market.

For Tia Min, the parliamentary front will enable dialogue in a more qualified space, where proposals for actions and investments can be discussed with more propriety and also promote the strengthening of relations with institutions, businessmen and the Bahian community.

The Chinese consulate plans to install the Confucius Institute in the state, a non-profit public educational organization linked to the Chinese Ministry of Education, which aims to promote Mandarin and the country’s culture, in addition to facilitating cultural exchange.

(Source: Jornal da Chapada)