Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport launches its first air cargo route to Brazil

A new air cargo service connecting the coastal city of Xiamen in southeastern China to São Paulo in Brazil was launched on the 10th of February. At 10:40 am, an Ethiopian Airlines flight carrying 96.1 tons of cargo departed from Gaoqi International Airport in Xiamen, bound for São Paulo, the largest city in South America. It was the first flight to Brazil carried out by the airport’s first cargo service.

The route will be operated by a Boeing B777F freighter and is scheduled to fly every Friday in February and every Monday and Friday starting in March, with more than 300 flights planned in three years.

Exports are mainly cross-border e-commerce products, medical products, high-tech products and integrated circuits, while imports include seafood and fruits.

Tekle G/Yohannes, chief representative of Ethiopian Airlines Greater China & Mongolia, said that the new cargo transport route will promote the development of aviation logistics between the two BRICS countries.

(Source: Xinhua Português)