Kwai will launch dynamic and personalized advertisements in Brazil

The short video app Kwai will launch in January in Brazil a new type of native, dynamic and personalized advertisements. The novelty is called Dynamic Product Ads and allows the advertiser to register a catalogue with thousands of products. Depending on the user’s navigation history on Kwai, he will see a different featured product.

Brazil is currently Kwai’s main market outside China. The company is launching new features little by little in the country. Besides the advertisements with dynamic products, the solution of live commerce is being tested, but it has not yet been launched in Brazil. 

The interest of national brands in advertising on Kwai has been growing rapidly. From the beginning of 2022 until now, the number of partners advertising on the app in Brazil has increased tenfold, jumping from 40 to 400. Only in December there were more than 80. 

(Source: Mobile time)