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CRRC suggests building a factory in Brazil to assemble TIC Campinas trains
Release time:2024-02-22
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The dispute for the Intercidades Train, scheduled for the 29th, should raise the level of investment beyond the construction of new medium-speed sections between São Paulo and Campinas.

In an attempt to increase competitiveness, Chinese groups intend to nationalize trains by installing a new factory.

Grupo Comporte, which currently operates the Belo Horizonte Metro, has partnered with Chinese companies CRCC and CRRC. The train construction company CRRC is considering building a factory in São Paulo, according to the newspaper Valor Económico.

The nationalization of trains, combined with the expertise of one of the world's largest manufacturers of medium and high-speed trains, could reduce the cost of trains. Currently, the cost of the trains is estimated at R$2.5 billion.

At the same time, a presence in the national territory could be strategic so that the company can sell trains to Brazil and Latin America at competitive prices.

(Source: Metrô CPTM, on February 20)