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XCMG plans to sell 400 electric trucks in Brazil and the region by 2024
Release time:2024-02-22
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Since the end of 2022, XCMG has sold 120 electric trucks in Latin America, currently 100% imported from China. Half of the volume went to Brazil and the other to countries in the region, according to vice-president Tian Dong, who plans to triple or quadruple sales, reaching around 400 heavy trucks by the end of the year, of which up to 70% in the Brazilian market.

On the 20th, the company celebrated the delivery of ten units to Reiter Log, which has around 30% of its fleet powered by alternative energies, according to Vanessa Reiter Pilz, ESG director at the logistics company in Rio Grande do Sul. It was XCMG's largest sale to a single company - until then, the acquisitions had been single or two-unit sales to clients such as Vale, CSN and Jundu.

Pilz said that for ten years the company has been committed to vehicles that pollute less, a process that began with an Iveco gas truck: "By 2035 we want to have 100% of our fleet powered by alternative energy".

(Source: Autodata, on February 20)