Dugongo to install a new cement plant in Nampula

A new plant to produce cement will be installed in the province of Nampula, Mozambique. For this purpose, the local government and Dugongo managers met on the 28th of February to discuss the project to set up the factory in the Nacala Special Economic Zone.

The Chinese company will invest in total a little over US$192 million in clinker production projects, logistics and other activities. The project will have capacity to produce around 6,000 tons per day and now the Dugongo operates a factory in Maputo province, which can produce about 2,500 tons of cement per day.

The company will initially recruit 2,000 workers locally, which will help to reduce unemployment levels in the province. As soon as it starts production next year, more than 600 workers will be hired, mainly national workers.

(Source: Jornal Notícias)