Draft law makes Brazilian municipality Sorocaba sister city to China’s Xiamen

The Brazilian municipality Sorocaba can establish a sister-city link with the Chinese city Xiamen. On the 1st of August, the commercial connection was approved in first discussion by the city council through a draft law. The aim of the exchange is to promote scientific, social, environmental, cultural, sporting and commercial programs between the two cities.

The initiative came from parliamentarian João Donizeti (PSDB). As justified in the project, the idea of the proposal arises from the diplomatic relationship between the two cities, which seek to be a basis for the exchange of knowledge on public policies and projects in health, culture, education and other mutual interest of the municipalities.

According to Donizeti, the brotherhood agreements represent a formal and legal basis for the establishment of technical cooperation agreements, exchange programs and economic development.

(Source: Jornal Z Norte)