Chinese Baijiu arrives in Brazil

On October 27th, the Secretariat of International Relations of the Government of São Paulo received executives from China for the launch of Fenjiu, a type of Chinese Baijiu of the brand Xin Huacun, in Brazil. With 6,000 years of history, the drink will be sold in Brazil in 2023. 

The Baijiu of China is not made from sugarcane, but from sorghum, a typical Chinese grain. The locations for sales are yet to be defined, but the price is not the same as most Brazilian cachaça. Fenjiu has a price similar to a premium whiskey.

The agreement signed in September between the state government and the province of Shanxi allows the drink to enter the Brazilian market and stimulates the presence of other Chinese products in São Paulo and São Paulo products in China. The aim of the cooperation is to promote future exchanges and joint actions.