Central bank says analyst view of Brazilian growth rosier

The Brazilian central bank says the average forecast of growth in gross domestic product this year given by analysts it polls has risen to 2.57 percent from 2.53 percent.

A publication by the central bank, Focus Bulletin, carries each week a report on the economic forecasts given by over 100 analysts.

In the latest edition, the average forecast of GDP growth in each of the next two years is 2.5 percent, the same as a week earlier.

The average forecast of the annual rate of consumer price inflation this year is 4.03 percent in the latest edition. A week before it was 4.02 percent.

The average forecasts of annual inflation are 4 percent for next year and 3.75 percent for the year after, Focus Bulletin says.

Last week the World Bank reduced its forecast of annual growth in Brazilian GDP this year to 2.2 percent from 2.5 percent.