Brazilian city of Recife includes Chinese New Year in its official calendar

The Chinese Consulate-General in Recife recently received a decree from the Brazilian city of Recife, proposed by city councilor Cida Pedrosa, which establishes the Chinese New Year as an official holiday in the city.

According to Cida Pedrosa, the proposal is based on admiration for traditional Chinese culture and love for hardworking and kind Chinese people. She hopes that it could further strengthen the friendship between the two peoples.

Yan Yuqing, Consul General of China in Recife, believes that this is a manifestation of the 5,000-year-old Chinese culture’s charm and contributed to the Chinese people’s cultural self-confidence in carrying forward the traditional virtues of diligence and kindness, increasing the pride and glory of foreign children.

The Recife City Council approved the bill on the 19th of September, which was signed into law by the Mayor João Campos on the 25th of October.