Brazil makes its first export of corn to China

The first ship with Brazilian corn to China set sail last week, after an agreement signed at the beginning of the year between the two countries. The Star Iris left the port of Santos (São Paulo) with around 68,000 tons of grain for the Chinese company Cofco, according to shipping agency Alphamar.

According to Alphamar, three more ships are scheduled to leave later this month, which could bring the total shipment close to 200,000 tons in November. There is also another ship that should leave in the first days of December.

China decided to start buying Brazilian corn in May. In October, China approved over 130 companies to export Brazilian corn.

China already buys most of Brazil’s soybeans that, along with corn, is the main input for animal feed used to feed its pig herd. And there are already signs that the country may soon also import soybean meal from Brazil.

(Fonte: Forbes Agro)