Angolan coffee Ginga shows up in Macau with a view to exporting to China

Angonabeiro, a subsidiary of the Portuguese group Delta, presented Ginga coffee, produced in Angola, at the Portuguese Speaking Countries Products and Services Exhibition in Macao (PLPEX), aiming to export to China.

Angolan coffee is exported to Portugal (56 tonnes in the second half of 2020), Spain, France and Switzerland, with China being a market with large coffee consumers and, as such, a very interesting target for Ginga.

PLPEX 2022, which took place between the 20th and 22nd of October, brought together companies specializing in products and services from Portuguese-speaking countries (PLP), facilitating the exchange and cooperation between Macao, the PLP and mainland China.

The objective is to make the coffee produced in Angola known to participants from the interior of China, the nine Portuguese-speaking countries and neighboring regions, according to a statement from Angonabeiro.