TEVX Higer announces partnership with battery manufacturer CATL

On the 14th of June, Chinese Higer, which is represented in Brazil by the Brazilian subsidiary TEVX Motors Group, announced a partnership with battery manufacturer CATL for the Brazilian market.

According to TEVX commercial director, Alexandre Colonese, most Chinese electric buses use this battery brand, “CATL already supplies batteries for almost 90% of China’s electric buses including Higer’s more than 60,000 electric buses running in 138 countries, a partnership that contributes to the success of the operation and here it will be no different.”

The statement said CATL has 32% of the world battery market and supplies to companies such as Toyota, Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW Group and PSA, in addition to Higer Bus itself.

Higer reinforced in the statement that it has already announced a factory in Brazil for 2024, but later this year it will start operating its technical base in São Paulo, where it will train professionals to maintain this type of technology in Brazil.

(Source: Diário do Transporte)