Shein invoices R$8 billion in Brazil in 2022

According to BTG Pactual’s estimate, Shein invoiced R$8 billion in Brazil in 2022 – a 300% growth compared to R$2 billion in 2021. If this figure is confirmed, Shein would only be after Renner in the Brazilian apparel retail industry.

The report shows that in the estimates for 2022, Renner has the highest annual revenue, reaching R$11.6 billion, a result 22% higher than that recorded in 2021. However, none of the companies analyzed is on par with Shein when it comes to growth.

According to the data, the brands such as Arezzo and Schultz still stay ahead of Shein in terms of direct traffic, that is, customers who search for the shop without thinking about another. Even so, the time spent on the application is still greater at Shein.

(Source: E-Commerce Brazil)