Huawei’s 5G Truck arrives at Porto Alegre

The Secretary of Environment, Urbanism and Sustainability of Porto Alegre, Germano Bremm, visited the 5G Truck on the 23rd of November. The 5G Truck project is an initiative of Huawei, a Chinese company of infrastructure for technology and smart devices, and Senai Cimatec. It travels through several Brazilian cities to bring the public closer to the possibilities created by the technology of 5G.

Parked in the courtyard of Senai of Sarandi, the truck brings together a series of applications of 5G in agriculture, livestock, mining, education, security and entertainment, among others.

The truck offers training given by teachers of Senai Cimatec for classes with up to 12 students. In free training which lasts for 1 to 2 hours, the participants will be able to learn more about 5G equipment.

(Source: Site of Porto Alegre City Hall)