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Jundiaí signs a cooperation agreement with the city of Lanxi
Release time:2024-04-30
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On April 24, the mayor of Jundiaí, Luiz Fernando Machado, signed the cooperation agreement between sister cities with the Chinese municipality of Lanxi, located in the province of Zhejiang. In addition to new business opportunities, strategic areas such as innovation, technology and culture are among the main topics to be addressed by cities from now on.

“This is an opportunity to strengthen ties between our cities and explore the many collaborative opportunities that arise from this partnership,” commented Weidong Liu, vice president of Lanxi, during the signing ceremony.

“The signing of this agreement is a significant milestone in the history of Jundiaí and Lanxi. We are confident that this partnership will bring mutual benefits and further strengthen our economic and cultural ties," said a representative from Jundiaí.

(Source: Official website of Jundiaí City Hall, on April 24)