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GWM to have Research and Development Technology Center in Brazil
Release time:2024-04-30
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With a robust strategy and attentive to the markets in which it operates, GWM will move forward in Brazil with the creation of a Technology Center in the country. James Yang, President of GWM Latin America and Region, announced the news during an interview at the Beijing Motor Show.

The plan to have a local R&D center will speed up the arrival of new technologies. “Brazilians use cars differently from Chinese. Brazilians press down hard on the accelerator to start the car, while the Chinese are much smoother. This changes everything when it comes to setting up the car, for example,” said the executive.

Marcio Alfonso, Director of Research, Development and Innovation, explained that it will be possible to speed up the process even more, using technology as the main tool. The executive also stressed the need for cultural differences in car use, from how Brazilians interact with the multimedia center and driving modes, to what they expect from dynamic behavior on Brazilian streets. For Alfonso, all these new parameters will make it possible to add “new ingredients” to the next versions or models.

(Source: Motor 1, on April 26)