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Ceará government signs partnership with Chinese hospital to advance diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases
Release time:2024-04-25
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Ceará is making progress in improving the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in the public health network. The governor of Ceará, Elmano de Freitas, signed a partnership with China that establishes cooperation between the Dr. Carlos Alberto Studart Gomes Messejana Hospital (HM) and the Xiamen Cardiovascular University Hospital. The agreement was signed at the Abolição Palace in Fortaleza.

In September 2023, Governor Elmano de Freitas, leading a delegation from Ceará, visited the hospital in China. “When I visited the Xiamen Hospital, I realized the great capacity of the Chinese people to structure health, but also to do all the work of research and development of equipment. I hope that this initiative of professionals exchanging experiences can move forward so that we can collaborate on research and equipment possibilities, in order to provide a better health service to the population of Ceará. I am very happy and honored to sign this cooperation,” said Elmano de Freitas.

Cui Yonghui, secretary of the Xiamen Municipal Committee of the CCP, also spoke about the cooperation. “The city has a great duty, responsibility, to participate in this partnership between the State [of Ceará] and the Province [of Fujian], between the two countries [Brazil and China],” he said.

(Source: Diplomacia business, on April 23)