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Camões Half Millennium International Congress held in Macau
Release time:2024-02-27
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The Camões Half Millennium International Congress begins on February 24 in Macau, with 17 participants from eight countries. One of the speakers is Lourenço Rosário, academic, founder and former rector of the Polytechnic University of Mozambique. 

In an interview with PONTO FINAL, the researcher, who has dedicated himself to the study of Camões, says that the Portuguese poet creates links between Macau, Goa and Mozambique. It is Camões, he argues, who makes the three territories recognize each other. 

There is this connection because Camões lived in these three places and it was in Macau that he wrote practically his entire oeuvre. He left Portugal when he was 25 and returned to Portugal to die. We can't say that Camões developed his literature much on the European continent, it was in Macau, during his journey.

(Source: Ponto Final, on February 23)