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First sea loading of heavy sands from Chibuto of Ding Sheng Minerals starts in August
Release time:2024-02-26
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The Chinese company Ding Sheng Minerals, SA, which operates the Chibuto heavy sands mine in the province of Gaza, in the south of the country, will be able to carry out its first shipment by sea next August as part of the completion of the construction work on the Chongoene dock.

Speaking to the press, the company's manager clarified that the work is divided into three phases, the first of which will be completed by August, during which time the export of Chibuto's heavy sands from that maritime infrastructure will reach several countries around the world.

“The construction of the Chongoene dock arises from the need to find a flexible way of exporting heavy sand, avoiding the high costs of transport by road to the Port of Maputo and, subsequently, to the foreign market,"  he said.

(Source: Diário Económico, on February 21)