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China and Brazil will have new partnerships in the mineral sector
Release time:2023-10-16
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On the 9th of October, a meeting took place at the Consulate General of China in Rio de Janeiro, located in the capital of Rio de Janeiro, with the purpose of building an alliance between CBPM and Chinese mining companies.

“We talked a lot and determined guidelines to promote a partnership between Brazil and China through the Government of Bahia, which will have the CBPM as the main tool for this reality. We will set up a meeting between three Chinese companies and CBPM and we should also promote a joint event in November to bring investments from China to generate the expansion of our logistics”, stated the President of CBPM, Henrique Carballal.

Still in this aspect, on October 23rd, the administrative and financial director of CBPM, Inácio Mattos and the head of the state-owned company's cabinet, Carlos Borel, will travel to China and visit companies in the country to align other partnerships with CBPM.

(Source: Tribuna)