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Unicamp opens exhibition "A Thousand Years of Chinese Art"
Release time:2023-10-11
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The exhibition "A Milenar Arte Chinesa" opened on 4 October at the "Fausto Castilho" Rare Works Library (BORA). The exhibition features 93 pieces from the collection of historical works by Rogério Cerqueira Leite, Professor Emeritus at Unicamp and current Chairman of the Board of the National Centre for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM). The exhibition is open until 24 November.

The public can see sculptures, paintings and objects that recover China's cultural history, as well as performances of typical dances and traditional Chinese music.

Gabriel Liu, Cultural Consul of the Consulate General of China in São Paulo, celebrated the exhibition and thanked Unicamp for its support in spreading Chinese culture in the country. "We hope that activities and events like this can help us build a bright future in relations between Brazil and China," he said.

(Source: Unicamp)