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Brazilian beef exports to China return to record levels
Release time:2023-10-11
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Brazilian beef exports to China in September 2023 totalled 132,100 tonnes, the second highest figure of the year behind June (135,400 tonnes). 

In addition to accumulating the third consecutive monthly increase in September and approaching the highest sales level of 2023, the figure of 132,100 tonnes is still relatively close to the all-time high seen in September 2022, when the Asian country imported 136,500 tonnes.

In the year to September 2023, China imported 851.5 thousand tonnes of Brazilian beef, while in the same period in 2022 the figure was 916.9 thousand tonnes.

This scenario of an increase in the pace of shipments has helped to improve the outlook for the price of fat cattle in the final months of 2023.

(Source: Farmnews)