Deputy governor of Goiás starts dialogue for the installation of a Chinese company in the state

The deputy governor of the state of Goiás, Daniel Vilela, met with an entourage of executives representing the YTO Group Corporation – a company that is among the largest in the global market for agricultural and construction machinery. The meeting, held on the 24th of April, opened the dialogue on the project to set up a unit of the automaker in Goiás.

The meeting was an opportunity for deputy governor Daniel Vilela to defend the strategic advantages of Goiás in setting up the factory. He pointed out characteristics such as geographic location, national leadership in agricultural productivity, logistics for business expansion in Latin America and Brazil.

At the meeting, the Chinese company expressed interest in setting up a tractor production factory in Brazil. The executives recognized the potential of Goiás to host this factory, whose project foresees its installation in Aparecida de Goiânia.

(Source: A Redação)