China offers antimalarial materials to the Higher Institute

As part of the activities on World Malaria Day, the Chinese advisory office for the fight against malaria delivered antimalarial materials to the Victor Sá Machado Higher Institute of Health Sciences on the 24th of April, organized lectures on the disease and held a series of medical consultations for students and their families.

The lot of materials includes quick test kits for malaria, musketeers, various medicines, among others.

The director general of the National Center for Endemic Diseases considered that cooperation between China and the institution has been crucial for strengthening the strategy to fight malaria, underlining that it is not easy to find a partner who, in addition to investing financially, carries out activities and contributes to innovations.

The president of the Higher Institute of Health Sciences said that “Malaria has had a devastating impact on families, society and the development process, and associated with this problem we have Dengue, so we have to have a resilient health system to control and fight the disease”.

(Source: STP-Press)