CEBC launches a study on potential exports to China by Brazilian states

The evolution and perspectives of exports from each Brazilian state to China are the object of the study that the Brazil-China Business Council (CEBC) launched on the 7th of February, with the participation of the Secretary of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services, Tatiana Prazeres, at the launch event.

Entitled “Exports from Brazilian States to China: Current Scenario and Prospects for Diversification”, the report brings an original analysis of exports to China, focusing on flows from Brazil as a whole and from its regions. The study presents a list of 216 products with the potential to increase sales in the coming years, as well as simulations of export earnings to China that Brazil, regions and states could have by 2030. Brazil could arrive in 2030 exporting US$ 103.4 billion to China.

The report hopes that the work’s conclusions will be useful for federal entities and companies to outline strategies for expanding and diversifying exports to China.

(Source: Comex do Brasil)