Alibaba’s logistics division plans to open nine logistics centres in Brazil by 2025

Cainiao, the logistics division of China’s Alibaba company, has announced that it plans to open nine distribution centres in Brazil over the next three years. According to the information revealed on the 14th of November, the centres will open in seven states across the country by 2025, enhancing AliExpress’ delivery experience.

The company also plans to install 1,000 smart lockers in 10 Brazilian cities. In addition to facilitating the delivery and pick-up of domestic and international packages, these locations may be used for food deliveries.

In addition, Cainiao plans to launch air and sea routes between Brazil and China. Currently, Cainiao operates eight weekly charter flights between China and Brazil. Cainiao’s average daily domestic and international package volume is around 4.5 million.

Also on the 14th of November, the Chinese company opened a package sorting centre in Brazil. The centre should follow the model of the centres which opened in October this year in Mexico City and Santiago, Chile.

(Source: Jiemian News)