Students represent Portugal at CASTIC with project that uses larvae to degrade plastic

The Youth Foundation announced on the 17th of August that three students from the Júlio Dinis Secondary School in Ovar will represent Portugal at the CASTIC – China Adolescents Science and Technology Innovation Contest between August 21 and 26 with a project on the biodegradation of plastics using maggots, which has already won an award at the Mostra Nacional de Ciência.

The project, developed by André Silva, Carolina Leite and Lara Pereira, tests the biodegradability of plastics and styrofoam using mealworms and wax worms, species best known for pests to cereals, stored products or bee hives.

Organized by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology and the Chinese Ministry of Education, the 37th edition of CASTIC takes place in Wuhan and hosts scientific projects from different areas, bringing together more than 500 Chinese students and a hundred international participants.

(Source: SAPO)