Second phase of the Caculo Cabaça hydroelectric project begins

The second phase of the hydroelectric project in Caculo Cabaça, Angola, was launched on the 5th of November, which will generate around 3,000 jobs. The project is under the charge of China Gezhouba Group Co. (CGGC).

The minister of energy and water of Angola, João Baptista Borges, said that the local economy will receive a great boost with this strategic project, in addition to the important social factor, which includes several aspects such as the construction of schools and the electrification of small towns, among others.

In his speech, Pedro Júlia, governor of the province, hoped that the CGGC would provide more support and assistance in improving Angola’s energy supply, solving the employment problem and promoting the economic and social development of the communities surrounding the project.

The project’s first turbine is expected to start producing energy in October 2026. With an annual capacity of 8,566 GWh, which can reduce the emission of 7.2 million tons of greenhouse gases per year.