IPIM lauded for helping sell products of lusophone world

A series of 10 weekly events to promote sales of food, drink and other goods produced in Macao and parts of the Portuguese-speaking world, being put on by the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute, or IPIM, has earned the praise of exhibitors and visitors alike, the Macao Daily says.

Since November 20 one such event has been held every weekend in the Portuguese-speaking Countries Food Products Exhibition Centre in Macao, according to a report in the newspaper last week.

The events are attended by representatives of 18 suppliers, or their agents in Macao, of goods including coffee, wine, canned food, personal care products, masks, shoes, the products of cultural or creative enterprises, and aromatherapy products, the report says.

It quotes exhibitors as saying the Macao Ideas display centre and the Economic and Trade Co-operation and Human Resources Portal between China and Portuguese-Speaking Countries are effective in promoting sales.

Visitors are hoping for further campaigns to promote sales of goods from the lusophone world that are rarely seen in Macao, the Macao Daily says.