Honor of Kings opens pre-registration in Brazil

Honor of Kings, one of China’s most popular games, will soon be launched in Brazil. The game is already available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store, App Store and Samsung Galaxy Store, with a range of rewards for users who register in advance.

Bringing 5v5 disputes in the “style” of League of Legends, the game which was developed by Tencent Games became the most played in the world in 2020, being already known by its adapted international version, Arena of Valor. It is worth saying that Brazil will be the first country to receive the original version outside of China.

The Brazilian version of the game will use dedicated servers, translation and adaptation of texts, and dubbing for heroes, skins and move announcements. According to the developers, famous Brazilian people were called to voice the game’s characters, but those involved have not yet been revealed.

(Source: Tech Tudo)