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“Colorful PSCs” Exhibition of Artists from China and Portuguese-speaking Countries discovered the beauty of China and PSCs through artistic visions
Release time:2023-11-03
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The market of the 15th Cultural Week of China and Portuguese-speaking Countries as an annual event of the Permanent Secretariat of Forum Macao was concluded last week, while one of its series of activities – the “Colorful PSCs” Exhibition of Artists continues until December 20.


The 3rd “Colorful PSCs” Exhibition of Artists is held at the Macao Pavilion of the China-Portuguese-speaking Countries Commercial and Trade Service Platform Complex, showcasing 26 artworks by nine artists from PSCs and Macao in various forms including paintings and clay works. Those artworks with a variety of styles were created through special artistic methods, displaying the humanity between China and PSCs.


The exhibition lasts until December 20. The opening hours are 10am to 7pm every day (closed on Mondays). The exhibition is free, and all are welcome to visit. For more information about the “15th Cultural Week of China and Portuguese-speaking Countries”, please visit