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Syngenta expands partnership with TNC to recover pastures in Brazil
Release time:2024-05-29
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The Syngenta Group, acquired by the public company China National Chemical in 2015, has just announced an expansion of a multi-year agreement it has had since 2018 with the environmental conservation organization The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to recover more than 1 million hectares of degraded pastures in Brazil by 2026. Of this amount, 300 thousand hectares are in the Cerrado.

The initiative also includes regenerating agricultural soils in China and increasing the climate resilience of cultivable areas in the United States. The Chinese capital-controlled group announced a list of sustainability priorities in April this year, which includes the initiative.

As part of the agreement signed in 2018, Syngenta set the ambitious goal of recovering 1 million hectares of degraded land in Brazil under the "Reverte" program. 

By March 2024, the project had obtained the commitment of more than 263 farms, covering a total of 202 thousand hectares of degraded land, 137 thousand of which were in the Cerrado.

(Source: Globo Rural, on May 26)