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Chinese businessmen want to invest in mining, agriculture and automobile industry in Mozambique
Release time:2024-05-28
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Chinese businessmen intend to invest more in mining, agriculture and the automobile industry in Mozambique as part of strengthening bilateral relations between Mozambique and China. The Confederation of Economic Associations of Mozambique (CTA) received representatives from several Chinese companies on May 23.

On the occasion, the CTA representative, Fernando Couto, highlighted that investments should be more focused on less developed areas, where the agricultural potential is more promising, to improve internal production capacity and reduce imports.

“We bring here a range of companies that are interested in the areas of mining, transport, agriculture and that want to do business with Mozambican companies,” said a representative of the Chinese delegation.

China wants to invest in projects where both countries benefit, and the good business environment in Mozambique offers confidence.

(Source: O País, on May 23)