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China's GWM to bring hydrogen truck to Brazil
Release time:2024-04-29
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The red truck that drives without smoke through GWM's premises in Baoding, China, is the materialization of plans presented by the automaker a year ago.

At the time, the company revealed part of its strategy for commercial vehicles in Brazil, with a focus on heavy-duty vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The model on display at the headquarters is one of them.

The manufacturer intends to import these trucks - with the possibility of nationalizing production in the future. This is one of the main medium and long-term alternatives for decarbonizing road transport.

The brand has not given any dates for the sale of the truck in Brazil, but tests will begin in 2024. The automaker is expected to bring four or five vehicles to be evaluated in the country.

(Source: Novo Varejo Automotivo, on April 25)