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Cape Verde wants China to build Praia Hospital
Release time:2024-04-26
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In the health sector, one of the biggest projects of Ulisses Correia e Silva's government is the construction of Cape Verde's National Hospital, which aims to improve the level of health care and reduce external medical evacuations.

Participating in Macau at the sixth Ministerial Conference of the Forum for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries, Cape Verde's Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Olavo Correia, asked China to build Cape Verde's National Hospital in the city of Praia.

Three years ago, the Cape Verdean government presented the project for the Cape Verde National Hospital, budgeted at 7.2 billion escudos (around 65 million euros), 47% of which will go towards construction, while 53% will be used to purchase equipment and train technicians. The Cape Verde National Hospital will have a maximum capacity of 134 beds, 12 of which will be for intensive care.

Construction is currently underway on the island of São Vicente on the new Maternity and Pediatrics units of the Baptista de Sousa Hospital, for a total investment by the Chinese government of approximately 18 million euros. 

(Source: RFI, on April 22)