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China clears 7 Brazilian establishments to export fetal bovine serum
Release time:2024-04-11
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China has authorized seven Brazilian establishments to export frozen fetal bovine serum to the country, said Roberto Perosa, Secretary for Trade and International Relations at the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA).

The ministry was informed of the new batch of Chinese licenses on the morning of April 8. The authorization for the companies is granted by the General Administration of Customs of China (Gacc), the country's health authority.

According to the document published by Gacc, the companies authorized were JBS, from Campo Grande; River City Biotecnologia, from Goiânia; Sorobras Biotecnologia, from Goiânia; Soroquality Biotecnologia, from Goiânia; Bio Nutrientes do Brasil, from Taciba; Biomin Biotecnologia, from Divinópolis; and Cripion Biotecnologia, from Andradina.

"We are seeing great progress in trade relations, with several establishments being authorized to export both beef and beef by-products to that country," said the secretary in a statement.

(Source: Canal Rural, on April 8)