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Ambassador to Portugal admits new Chinese industrial investments
Release time:2024-03-27
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At least five Chinese companies are considering setting up factories in Portugal, including car manufacturers, China's ambassador to Lisbon told Lusa. He hopes that the Portuguese government will create a fair and indiscriminate environment for investors.

"Currently some Chinese companies such as Tederic, Ningbo David Medical Device, Shyahsin are preparing to build factories in Portugal and other companies in the field of electronic vehicles such as Chery and XEV have also shown their interest in building factories in Portugal and are doing market research," said Zhao Bentang.

CALB is already planning to build a lithium battery factory and has received the green light from the APA (Portuguese Environment Agency), said Zhao Bentang, noting that the construction of this factory should be reflected in the location of the industrial chain of new energy vehicles and also for Portugal's low-carbon transition.

In an interview with the Lusa news agency, the ambassador predicted that the Parque de Oeiras development, a joint project between the China State Construction Engineering Corporation and Teixeira Duarte, could begin construction this year, thus creating the conditions to attract more foreign investment and creating more favorable conditions for the Oeiras economy.

(Source: SAPO, on March 23)