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Chinese Ambassador to Guinea-Bissau meets with the new rector of Amílcar Cabral University
Release time:2024-02-29
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On February 27, the Chinese Ambassador to Guinea-Bissau, Gu Ce, met with Herculano Arlindo Mendes, the new rector of the Amílcar Cabral University (UAC), in Guinea-Bissau.

Mendes presented the current situation and challenges faced by the university and expressed the desire to obtain help from the Chinese embassy in terms of materials, and staff training, as well as taking advantage of China's advanced experiences to achieve greater development of the university.

The ambassador expressed China's understanding and willingness to provide the best possible support. As the only public university in Guinea-Bissau, the University of Cabral has a lot of room to cooperate with China in Chinese language and culture education. The embassy is willing to maintain contact with the university so that they can explore new forms of cooperation, driving an increase in collaboration between the two countries in education.

(Source: Chinese Embassy in Guinea Bissau, on February 28)