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Brazil passes US$ 1 billion in medical device exports
Release time:2024-02-23
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With growth of 13.69% over the previous year, Brazilian exports of medical devices totaled US$ 1.06 billion in 2023. 

The laboratory segment recorded the highest growth (87%) among the medical device verticals. In 2023, water filtration devices for laboratory use were the main medical device exported by Brazil. This was followed by heart valves, bags and pouches for medical use, sterilized catheters and orthopaedic articles and appliances.

"This increase is due, among other factors, to the growth in exports to China, which in 2023 became the second largest consumer of medical devices manufactured in Brazil. In 2022, the country was only 16th in the ranking of countries importing the national product," says Larissa Gomes, international projects and marketing manager at ABIMO - the Brazilian Medical Devices Industry Association.

(Source: Novo Momento, on February 20)