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Brazil and China can expand trade with sustainable agriculture
Release time:2024-02-21
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A study by the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) reveals that establishing criteria for sustainable rural production in Brazil could further facilitate and expand trade with China, the sector's main client.

The study indicates that the two countries could collaborate on a harmonized taxonomy for green agriculture in the future, making it possible to compare and align the criteria for granting green finance.

With this, Brazil and China would be able to define what is "green" within the sector, with clear rules, to facilitate the understanding of the interested public and financial flows. Sustainable taxonomy is a classification system based on a set of criteria to delineate economic activities and assets that align with environmental and sustainability objectives. In "harmonized" markets, the measure can speed up the flow of capital across borders. Otherwise, there could be confusion about the rules on the part of companies and investors.

(Source: Planeta Campo, on February 19)