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TZM Resources begins exploration of Pebane heavy sands soon
Release time:2024-02-07
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The exploration of heavy sands in the Pebane district, Zambézia Province, by the Chinese company TZM Resources is expected to begin in the coming months, as equipment installation and testing are in the final phase.

Initially, the start of operations was scheduled for the end of last year, which did not happen because testing of the machinery took longer.

The Administrator of the district of Pebane, Eduardo Vida, assured that “the start of activities will not take long, especially since the shipyards, port and camp are already ready," without advancing the dates of this project.

He explained that some social responsibility activities are already being advanced by TZM, mainly about public lighting, electricity supply and granting of scholarships.

TZM Resources is a limited company registered in August 2020 whose main purpose is mining activity and importing and exporting mining products.

(Source: O Económico, on February 5)