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China Mobile expands its presence in Brazil and studies creating MVNO
Release time:2023-11-29
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China Mobile's international division expanded its office in Brazil to a new unit in the Avenida Paulista region, opened on the 24th of November, in a strategy that aims to establish a better relationship with local operators to serve international customers, in addition to studying the possibility of an MVNO to serve local telecommunications consumption.

“We are still evaluating and negotiating,” said the head of operator business at China Mobile International in Latin America. “We are going to be a virtual operator of one of these MNOs (TIM, Claro or Vivo). But we have not yet decided whether it will serve the mobile market or the IoT market," explained the executive.

With more than 1 billion users in China, the company has been in Brazil since 2017. Currently, the Chinese operator operates with three business lines in Brazil that are managed by the local team.

(Source: Mobile Time)