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China has lent Angola 45,000 USD since 2000
Release time:2023-09-27
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Energy and transport benefited from Chinese loans to Angola between 2000 and 2022, totaling US$45 billion, a quarter of the amount granted by China to Africa in this period.

Energy and transport were the sectors that consumed the most Chinese money - 25.9 and 6.2 billion dollars, respectively - absorbing more than half of the loans. In more recent years, funds were allocated mainly to the Communication Technologies sectors.

Since 2000, the Chinese state bank CHEXIM has been one of the main financiers of the Angolan government through loans in the most diverse areas, but it was also the state-owned China Development Bank that granted the largest amount in this period, in a single contract worth one billion dollars. awarded in 2013 to Sonangol.

(Source: SAPO)